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Creating healthier lives for everyone and a better life for anyone.
We help people connect the dots when it comes to their health and/or well-being. We tailor natural nutrition programs for individual health, provide educational resources and work with other health professionals seeking to provide additional results and added value for their clients.
Since 1993, Kim Reed has been a leader in providing outstanding service for her Shaklee consumers and unparalleled support and training for her team of partners. She is a President’s Club award winner for business growth and leadership, was recognized as #3 worldwide for Fast Start business growth in 2006 and since 2008, her team (TeamONE) has consistently been recognized in the top 10% for growth of Shaklee worldwide. Most importantly, she has enjoyed the flexibility her “full-time income on part-time effort” affords her.

Based currently in Windsor, CT, she came to Shaklee first as a consumer in 1989 while she was living and pursuing a professional acting career in New York City. Though skeptical at first that Shaklee’s vitamins could provide better results for a chronic medical condition than the brands she’d used for years, Shaklee’s unconditional, money-back guarantee meant she could take a chance on Shaklee risk-free. They worked so well, that her chronic condition cleared up completely. Kim decided everyone should know that there was, indeed, a very BIG difference between Shaklee and other brands. A difference indicated not only by anecdotal evidence, but also validated scientifically through third party research and clinical trials.

Her main focus is helping people make educated decisions about the brands they use, the companies they get involved with and helping her team achieve their business goals.

For individuals: Nutrition & health assessment consultations, tailoring individual nutrition programs, health education & presentations, marketing & providing client follow-up, interviewing potential business partnership candidates and providing subsequent start-up consulting – including on-going training, coaching & mentorship.

For health professionals: Assess opportunities, challenges, gaps and identify leverage-able assets to create additional revenue streams and provide additional value for their clients.  Turnkey integrated wellness programs implemented into existing business and/or practice which offer client retention, additional income streams and expand business beyond existing location.

“It’s official! My doctor took me off my last prescription med. 30 years of blood pressure meds never did a thing. It took Shaklee two weeks.”
Jim O.

“Have not had a spell of IBS for months.  I no longer need a prescription medicine for the Reflux condition either.  All thanks to Shaklee’s wonderful research and commitment to the best.”
Lorraine K.

“Sleep trouble/hot flashes were making life so miserable…I tried someone else’s brand…no luck. Got more Menopause Balance Complex …ZERO hot flashes and slept all night like I used to. THANKS SHAKLEE”
Linda G.