What to Expect at Our Meeting

What is this Business Networking meeting?

You don’t have to worry about having to think of the next thing to say at BNI meetings, as the whole meeting follows a planned agenda designed to result in the maximum benefit for all the group members. Although there is a fixed format, and there is a serious focus on generating business, there is also plenty of scope for the members to enjoy themselves and have fun at the meetings as well. The meetings are often an exhilarating start to the day’s business for most of the members! Members meet at 7:00AM for 15 minutes of open networking where you will be introduced to the members and enjoy refreshments. The meeting then starts at 7:15AM sharp.

What is the Meeting Agenda?

  1. Open Networking
  2. Welcome everyone, introduce Team Leaders
  3. Purpose and Overview of BNI
  4. Networking Education
  5. Announce Business Network “Leaders” (beginning of each month)
  6. Welcome any new BNI visitors and members to the organization (induct new members)
  7. Members introduce themselves and give 45-second presentation
  8. Welcome visitors to BNI and have visitors give their presentation
  9. 2 Speakers give presentations
  10. Pass referrals
  11. Announcements and reminders
  12. Prize drawings for members who gave referrals
  13. Close meeting

What is the 45 second presentation?

At the heart of the BNI meeting is the “45 Second presentation” slot. This is each member’s opportunity to tell everyone at the meeting all about their business, the kind of leads they are looking for, and anything at all that will help the other members generate business for them.

45 seconds may seem to be the briefest of speeches, but BNI has developed a system to harness the power of this format, and regularly organize free training workshops to allow the members to develop their presentations, introducing techniques such as the memory hook, and effective ways to ensure that the message is remembered.

This system has immense practical benefits outside BNI, where in in real-life networking situations, the BNI member is trained to be able to give an instant and concise account of what they do.

We welcome visitors who are interested in discovering the value of BNI networking.