Why Join Our BNI Chapter?

Benefits of Joining the Minnechaug BNI Chapter

  1. We won the 2014 Founders Award. Only the Top 5% of chapters worldwide receive the Founders Award.
  2. We are selective about our members. We don’t allow just any business person to join our group so if you are accepted as a member you have been set up for the highest level of success possible.
  3. Our chapter has the unique distinction of covering the widest area of Central Connecticut then any other chapter. So your referrals will come from a large geographical area.
  4. We are more of a team then a group. And teams hold each member accountable for their participation in the group. This insures success for each and every member.
  5. We have a large facility with a huge screen and projector for our members presentations. We have use of the hall until 11 AM for power group networking.
  6. Our group has over 30 members. More members mean more referrals.